In February 2021, our founder and amazing photographic guide, Zaheer Ali entered this award-winning(we think so!) photograph into the KRUGER MAGAZINE amateur photography competition.

Zaheer won the KRUGER MAGAZINE ‘Amateur Photo’ and ‘Most Popular Photo’ for his photograph captioned: “All You Need Is A Hug!”
Congratulations Zaheer! What a stunning photograph, we couldn’t agree more with the voters and Kruger Magazine!
When asked about what inspired this photo, this is what Zaheer said:

“I was hosting a family of 4 – parents and their young children. It was an afternoon drive and on this particular afternoon the sightings had been quiet. There had been a call on the radio that lions had been sighted, but knowing that lions will not be active in the heat of the day we thought to leave the lions for the last part of the drive. We made our way in the direction of the lions and came across a lone rhino munching away on some tasty grasses.We use any opportunity on our child friendly safaris to make it an educational one so we stopped and gave the children an opportunity to learn about these phenomenal animals who also form part of the big five. We stopped at a safe distance and allowed the rhino to move in our direction as We chatted about commensalism – which highlights the relationship between the rhino and oxpecker and it was then that this oxpecker caught my eye. Up until then, this sighting didn’t stand out photographically.  I watched as this tiny bird sharpened his beak on the horn of the rhino and it was something I had never seen before. As photographers we are always looking for something different to capture and this was definitely it! I picked up my camera and waited for the right moment and took the shot as the bird lay on the horn of the rhino. Feeling satisfied we left the rhino in peace and moved on to a great sighting of lions and elephants in one.”