Once again we would like to wish our founder and expert photographic guide here at Zali Experience Extraordinary a hearty congratulations on the win of another photographic competition, this time hosted by Mala Mala Game Reserve. Zali hit this one out of the park, getting over 3000 likes on Instagram and approximately 500 likes on Facebook. From us here at Zali Experience Extraordinary we would like to thank all those that voted for the image on Mala Mala’s Social Media platforms.

This is what Zali had to say about the image and sighting:

“We went out on drive nice an early in search of Rhino, as we hadn’t seen Rhino thus far on the trip. We headed south of he reserve as the weather was great to be out as long as possible.

My guests were enjoying all the smaller things that we got to see along the way, until we got a call that there is a leopard close by. We made our way there slowly and another vehicle was at the sighting, they left and we had the leopard to ourselves. Close by to the leopard there was a small pan where this hyena was relaxing and looking quite chilled out. We joked on the vehicle among ourselves and said, imagine the leopard goes and drink. And lo and behold she got up and went to the water. There was silence on the vehicle as we all held our breath, the leopard snarled and growled at the hyena. The hyena literately wasn’t bothered and continued relaxing in the pan

Throughout this epic sighting we were positioned in the perfect angle and distance which made it an ultimate sighting to get epic photos

This is what you call a Classic MalaMala Moment ?!”

You too can experience the extraordinary like this. All you have to do is contact us for more information. Who knows, maybe we will be congratulating one of our guests next year!